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Accessing row of datasource without subreport


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Answer is problably easy but... I've not found how to do this :(


From a Java app, I get a compliant JRDataSource object which contains fields (1 row, several fields). One of the fields is a JRDataSource too (for example SubElementsField) and it contains several rows and for each row several fields (for example SubElementField1).




--Field1 (String)

--Field2 (String)

--SubElementsField (JRDataSource)



If I put a subreport in my main report with datasource SubElementsField, I can access in the subreport the field $F{SubElementField1} with this very easy syntax.


Now, what I want to do is to be able to access to SubElementField1 in my MAIN report through a syntax like $F{SubElementsField}[0]_F{SubElementField1}...


How can I do this... I don't want a sub-report, I just want to access the 3th field of the 1st row of SubElementsField in my main report (for example).


Which syntax can I use?

Thanks a lot.

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Just create your own CustomDataSource and write your own public method that returns the fieldvalue of a given row number.


something like (just PseudoCode):


public Object getFieldValueByRowNumber(int rowNumber,String fieldName){

if (rowNumber>=0 && rowNumber <= datsource.getRecordCount() && fieldExist(fieldName){
return getRow(rowNumber).getFieldValue(fieldName);


quite easy (IMHO).


regards + hth


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