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where is my stuff?


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I used the repository admin to define new connection information: datasource, mondrianconnection, olap schema, etc. I also created an olap view based on my new definitions. The view works, but I don't see any of my new items in the browser except the view.

In the repository browser I don't see any datasources, I don't see anything (including the sample database stuff) under the various sub folders of the olap tree except the views. The views return data (except the xmla one) so I know I have connection.


I also see the resources in the database, why aren't they visble in the browser?

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Woops. I was looking under repository not repository admin. I guess that is by design? My stuff is visble via the admin route.

It does seem strange to me though that when you click from the repository on datasources etc. you don't see the items, but you do see them when you go through the admin.

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