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Pagination for HTML


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Hi All,

I working with jasper and ireport 1.2.5 with compatibility set to jasper 1.2.0

and currently working on cross tab report.


I see option of Ignore pagination in iReport which when selected gives me all the results without any page breaks.

When I disable it there are breaks happening in the report pages as expected.

But I would like to know how can i control(in iReport and programmatically as well) the number of Data rows after which the page break can happen.


My report is mainly for HTML pages where we normally show pagination like 10/30/50 records per page.In ireport i dont see any such option of defining number of records per page.


Also how does it behave when considering data across group, & in crosstabs?

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The only way to force page breaks right now is to use the isStartNewPage attribute on a group.

Breaking a group every N rows is easy.

You can check the /demo/samples/jasper sample to see that the BreakGroup there breaks every 5 records.


I hope this helps.


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I will check out the sample you mentioned and post updates.


However as a quick update I am interested in breaking every N record on page which can be across groups and not in a specific group as u said.


Also I am considering this for crosstab where records span across different row groups

How about that?

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I looked at the sample. UNlike you said -- have isStartNewPage was disabled on the BreakGroup . So how is it starting on new page after 5 records? The group expression will just help it to groups on every 5 records and nothing more.


Also you said breaking on group is easy. So does breaking in other forms is complex. My layout is as defined in query at following URL.





Although I havent got complete solution to that layout query and just working with the crosstab as in Shipment, I want to know how to do pagination for that or Shipment sample?

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Hi, chetan_33


I'm terribly sorry that I have mislead you and pointed to a sample which actually did not have isStartNewPage true. Maybe with a little effort you could modify that sample yourself and put the isStartNewPage on true to see if page breaks occur like expected, every 5 records.


Thank you,


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Hey Guys -


I'm new to Jasper and am still struggling to understand how pagination works for HTML. I understand there is a multi-page HTML viewer, but I was wondering if there are any simple XML tags to put in the report to force a page break when someone prints it? The HTML equivelant is the page-break-before or page-break-after CSS styles - is there a way to mimic this in the XML report file?




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