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Summary is printed without header / footer

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By: elmar weber - elmar_weber

Summary is printed without header / footer

2002-11-23 12:36



I've a normal jasper report with header and footer.

The header is 300 pixel high and the footer just 30.


Now the problem:

in 90% of the cases everything works, but if on the last page with detail lines from the database is no more space for the summary, it is printed alone at a new page with NO header and footer.


Must I fix this by inserting free lines in the database so that at least a minimum of one detail lines is printed together with the summary on the last page or have I made an error, or is there a Bugfix for this?



And, by the way, is there a way to say that a minimum of n detail lines is printed together with the summary at a page, only the summary or one or two lines on the last page is a bit strange to read (its not my taste =).



Elmar Weber





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Summary is printed without header / footer

2002-11-29 04:59




This is how the summary band works.

But you can achieve what you need if you

use as summary the group footer section of

a dummy group that breaks only once per report.

Such a dummy group has a null group expression

that will always return null an thus break only once.


This way, the footer section of this group will be printed at the end of the report, but it will behave

like a normal report band and not like the summary.


I hope this helps.


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