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web services API and JI service


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I can't find documentation about how to access JI's web services in v.1.1. Do they exist?? I'm planning to retrieve reports from a .NET web app. Is that possible without using web services??


My other question is about JI-tomcat. I have they installed in a linux box (ubuntu) and sometimes when I try to view a report, tomcat crashes ugly... I would like to know how to make a script to monitor if tomcat crash, and start it up immediately.


Thanks in advance

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We will be posting the JI 1.1 web services documentation probably in the next week. The Web services are based on Axis2.


We have received feedback that the API very Java object focused, and it is difficult to get WSDL out of it because of Axis2, so we are moving back to Axis 1.4 and a more "human" XML format, along with a good PHP example.


For your 2nd question, I would rather fix the problem rather than try to restart Tomcat! Why is it crashing?





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ok, some documentation will be cool :)


I think I discovered why JI is breaking... I created a report on iReport using the wizard. That report queries a MSSQL database. Then, using the JI plugin, I created that report (along with datasource) on JasperIntelligence. Trying it on server works 1 in 100 times, almost always makes tomcat to choke and crash.

Then I created the same report (with the same query), but this time without using the wizard. I uploaded it to JI and works well all the time.

So I think that JI didn't liked very much the jrxml created by the wizard... that's the only guess I can think of. Anyone experienced the same issue ??



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