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looks good, and a number of features I am looking for - especially around the personalisation and dashboards.


Just chasing a quick clarification - does the "Cascading Parameters" entry under Reporting refer to the ability to have parameters restrict other parameters like so;


Parameter 1 : Select country

Parameter 2 : select region (restricted by country selected)

Parameter 3 : select city (restricted by region)


? If so, this will be of great benefit - we currently have (ugly, ugly) workarounds to provide this functionality that take more effort to support than the base reports. I'd love to remove the hacks and get this kind of functionality straight out of JasperIntelligence.


Also, I know its an old topic, but I haven't heard much about it recently - any thoughts on the ability to place arbitary page breaks in a report (other than group workaround) ?




Steve Baker.

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