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Subreport within subreport


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Example of main report bean


private String ID;
private String name;
private JRDataSource subDS_1;
private JRDataSource subDS_2;


Example of sub report 1 bean

private String ID;
private String work;


Example of sub report 2 bean

private String ID;
private String workDetail;


OK, for example:

We got 1 record for main report,

5 records for sub report_1,

3 records for sub report_2...

If we put sub report bean 2 under sub report bean 1,

than we will have 5 x 3 = 15 sub report 2 beans in memory, it's terrible...


So, we can put all sub report bean under main report bean.


The following code are expressions for design time in iReport:


Include sub report 1 from main report




$P{subReport_DIR} (String)
$F{subDS2} (JRDataSource)


Include sub report 2 from sub report 1





Than we can pass DataSource from main report to last sub report via report parameter.


Hope it helps~



We are coming from TAIWAN...~_~

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