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Problem converting DATE fields to Excel


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I'm using iREPORT with a MS-SQL Database.

And when exporting to a Excel, all the DATE fields exported are passed as TEXT and the MS-Excel didn't recognized them as DATE.


I check all the parameters in the iREPORT section, but I can't make this work out.


My data:

iReport v1.2.6

Exported with the EXCEL PREVIEW option

[file name=XLSParam.jpg size=50518]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/XLSParam.jpg[/file]

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Hi, in excel I have some more problem:

- I have a field string ot 10 char that start with 0. If I import in excel directly the 0 is soppressed. So if the field is '0123456789' in excel I have '123456789';

- the report starts on column B instead of column A;

- the numeric value are converted with standard. On this field I can make D1+E1 but I can't do SUM(D1:E1).


So I don't export in excel but with csv format. Then I work on the file in order to obtain a good excel file without problem of format.


It would be great if all the problem of export in excel will be fixed, in order to use it directly instead of csv export.




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The format choose by the export to excel in my report is always general. General format have no specific numeric format so the sum is not accepted.

I think that the exporter to excel will have to undestand the type of field:

- if the type of field is java.lang.string I report have to convert in text in excel;

- if the type is java.math.bigdecimal ireport have to convert in number in excel;

- if the type is java.util.date ireport have to convert in date in excel.




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