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Text with paragraphs, numbering and bullets


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We have an web application that is saving Rich Text. We normally paste from MS Word and do some Word cleanup. The rich text editor allows for many things including formating with paragraphs, bullets, numbering, list items etc.

Our clients expect to see this formatting appear when we generate the PDF from JasperReports.

I see in the forums (etc) that a limited set of html formatting is supported by JasperReports. It appears that a paragraph is not supported.

This is unacceptable to our clients.

I would like to know if I'm misinformed, or if this feature will be made available soon, or if another product like JasperReports Pro or something exists.

I really need help with this.



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JasperReports supports the <li> tag in styled text.

Improvements to the HTML support will be performed in the future, but it will never be complete, or even close to it. This is because this is not one of the priorities or direction we want to see the library go.


Maybe a better workaround would be to use a JEditorPane behing the scenes to render HTML as image.


I hope this helps,


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