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Is there a way to view the numbers from a jasper reports report in a spreadsheet-like view (JTable) that allows the user to easily click a column header to sort the table by that column? I am evaluating a few reporting frameworks but what I am really trying to find is a framework that can output to a nice interactive grid/table that allows sorting and column hiding. Does anyone know of such a thing? I have been going through the jasper docs, a couple articles, and tutorials but haven't seen anything about outputting to a JTable or TableModel or anything like what I am looking for.


Thanks in advance

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JasperReports is a content rendering library.

What you are looking for is a higher degree of interactivity which could be achieved only by higher level applications such as JasperIntelligence.

This server-side application leverages JR reporting capabilities but also adds a degree of interactivity by allowing you to deploy reports into an environment where they could be chained up and drill-through logic could be stored and leveraged.


This sorting behavior could be achieved by linking up to reports with different sorting order. Note that sorting is very tied to report grouping, so this is why you'd probably end up having different report templates depending on the sort order.


I hope this helps.


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