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column size


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There is an option to increase or decrease the height of the fields.

can it be done with the column width.i.e.,

i have a column name and its data in an aligned manner

say for example






John Abraham


Mark Twain Abraham Vincent


i have got borders for column name in static text and data in fields. Based upon the width of the data the width of the column should either increase or decrease

and vice versa. if only the mark twain ... name is to be displayed the widht of the field should be similar to the width of the text field. if the data is vijay the width should be automatically reduced .


please help

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thanks for the reply arbitary

i tried that and ofcourse its working fine. but it really looks awkward when that field size alone gets increased. the other fields of that row remain same.

i tired even stretch_with_relative_to_tallest_object (i suppose i am right). but its looking bad. particulary in the new page. i came to know that it is an disadvantage of jasper reports. no other way to sort it out?

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The property that I modify is different.


You select the column that should stretch, then right-click. This brings up the 'Properties' option. Click on it. There are multiple tabs at the top - go to the 'TextField' tab and check 'Stretch with overflow'.


I have just 1 field in my report that has enough data to wrap and the result is pretty decent looking. It increases the row height just enough to accomodate the data.

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