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subreport list of data


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i have the problem below :


i have a list of Planes. A plane contains text fields (id, name) and a list of flights(object B)

Each flight has text fields f1, f2 ...; .

I want to create a report to list all the Planes id ,names and flights details


For example :

plane1 A320




plane2 A330





i have created in my java programm a JRBeanCollectionDataSource(PlanesList) that have all the information it contains a list of (id, name ,flightList) but how could i

put flightList detail information in the report?


I think I have to use a subreport , the main report is used to generate the list of planes whith text fields id and name.

In the subreport I list the text attibutes of one flight.

The problem is that I do not know how to specify that the subreport needs to read (as its own datasource) the list flightList found in the main report.


i search in the forum for any information but i only found a solution if the first list has only one object.


i really need help, thancks!



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I found this solution to my problem :

i have a bean Avion (id, name, java.util.List flightlist)

in the main report, I insert a subreport, with this property,

use datasource expression

new net.sf.jasperreports.engine.data.JRBeanCollectionDataSource($F{flightlist})


In Subreport(other) i put the path to the subreport.

and in my java application, i have just to create the JRDatasource to give me the data Avion.





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