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Justify problem


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I've a big problem with justified text field. With the same template, the report appeared correctly justified in pdf rendering, but in rtf the entire paragraph, including the last line, was justified. This is not correct, because the last line, ending with nr, must be left align....


Are there a solution or is a bug?


Thanks in advance,


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Problem is in



fix: \line to \par => Shift+Enter to Enter


private String handleUnicodeText(String sourceText) {

StringBuffer unicodeText = new StringBuffer();

for (int i = 0; i < sourceText.length(); i++) {

long ch = sourceText.charAt(i);

if (ch > 127) {

unicodeText.append("\u" + ch + '?');

} else if (ch == 'n') {

// fix: \line to \par

unicodeText.append("\par ");

} else if ((ch == '\') || (ch == '{') || (ch == '}')) {

unicodeText.append('\').append((char) ch);

} else {

unicodeText.append((char) ch);



return unicodeText.toString();



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