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REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP not passed 2nd subreport


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I have a report that contains 2 subreports.


I'm using JasperReport 1.2.5 (also tested on 1.2.7)


In subreports, in parameter map expression, I have "$P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP}".


the parameter map passed to the first sub report is be correct, the subreport is correctly showed.


My problem is : the other subreport who contains the same parameter map expression don't receive the parameter map, all parameters are null.


I have tested to put the second subreport above the first subreport. The problem was resolved for this subreport, but the first subreport (now below the second) got the problem !


I see also this problem for the datasource expression "$P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE}".


Is anybody have encounter this problem ? Anybody found a workaround ?


Thank you and sorry if my english is not excellent ;o)

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Never do



The map you pass to the subreport will get altered during the subreport fill and can have all kinds of consequences.


If one wants to pass all the parameters of the master report to a subreport, one should do

<parametersMapExpression>new HashMap($P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP})</parametersMapExpression>




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