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mysql startup error


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I have installed Jasper Intelligence 1.0.1 using the Linux installer on to a fedora core 3 server with the bundled tomcat and mysql.


The installation instructions say to start mysql like this:


/opt/jasperintelligence-1.0.1/mysql/bin/mysqld_sale start


This doesn't start the mysql server and i get an error file in the ./mysql/data directory that reads:


060928 10:30:04 mysqld started

/opt/jasperintelligence-1.0.1/mysql/bin/mysqld: Too many arguments (first extra is 'start').

Use --help to get a list of available options

060928 10:30:05 mysqld ended


This is probably a simple problem but I'm not familiar with mysql.


How should mysql be started for Jasper?


Also, which database engine does Jasper use for the repository?


Thanks in Advance for your help.



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