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JasperReports Performance Test


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1. Using the hardware and software, the MySqlData.jasper sample report can not handle 10 simultaneous active users (CPU overload).


We performed sample report profiling using JBuilder Thread Debugger, which shows that JasperReports report engine has thread contention problems.



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I came across your blog post and the actual performance test at http://jroller.com/galina/entry/jasperreports_reporting_framework_performance_test



As you can see from the bottlenecks, the issues are in the Sun AWT library that JasperReports uses to get to a pixel perfect layout. Not much can be done at that level to avoid those bottlenecks.


I am surprised by the results, however. We have successfully had JasperReports running in JasperServer with over 400 simultaneous users on a single machine. What were the specifications of the web server machine you were using? JVM memory etc.





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