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We are in the process of evaluating Jasper product from a technical perspective. We see if can use Jasper in our new product development. There are a couple of general questions related to the product functionality:

1) Is there a concept of viewing a report in progress? In other words, let’s say if you run a large report (100s-1000s pages) can you view the pages of such report as soon as the pages are generated or you must wait till the whole report (all pages) is completed?

2) Is there a concept of report view time events? For example, can you program your report such way that you can apply different viewing preferences based on user’s profile, e.g.: user’s locale, user’ security rules, etc? The key is that you generate a report once and then different users access the same report without regenerating it and view the data differently as far as formatting goes.


Thanks in advance,


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1) This is something we are evaluating for our future roadmap. It is not as simple as it might look at first, because of the late fill capabilities that JasperReports has, which enables you to display "Page 1 of 10000" and similar kind of information that is calculated during the actual report generating process. Also, this has an impact in the "report virtualizer" functionality which enables generating very large documents.


2) In JasperReports, once a report has been generated it can no longer change. Or at least it should not. This is because we generate pixel-perfect documents and if you start changing text in a generated document all layout might be broken. The locale and any regional settings such as the time zone are parameters that are passed at report generating time and not a report view time. This is how things work and I assume it works like this in the majority of the classical reporting tools available today. I might be wrong though...


Thank you,


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