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Dynamic Sum problem


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Hello All,


I have the necessity,in iReport, to Sum much Variables or Fiels.


It seems simple,with the Sum function of iReport,but my problemis this:


1)In the Details Band, I must Sum all the Amount (that can be stay in field BaseAmount or in field TaxAmount in case of Tax="True" or Tax="false") setting the value of the Amount field in a Variable "Total".


2) Then I'll show the value of Total, in the Summary band!


How can I do???


I send you the jrxml and xml.


Thanks for all your response!


Francesco [file name=Fattura.zip size=9817]http://www.jasperforge.org/components/com_joomlaboard/uploaded/files/Fattura.zip[/file]

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I've found the way with the search forum to make the sum with the variables.


new Double( $V{var1}.doubleValue() + $V{var2}.doubleValue() )


It is supposed that the type is Double.


If you change the + with another operator (e.g. -) you can make the others elementary operations.


I Hope that this help




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