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N00b..Tomcat working..what next??


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Total JI newbie, so apologies up front..

Running Linux..

I've installed Jasper Intelligence and Tomcat.


Tomcat running A-OK (Connects on 8080 fine)..

What do I do next to fire up and get access to Jasper Intelligence (Jasper Server I suppose..)



All I want to do is publish/Run reports I've generated with iReports(Windows) using tomcat..


Sorry for the n00biness of the questions.


Thanx in advance..



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Hi, I'm not sure if you have installed using the linux installer binary or whether you installed "by hand" using the stand-alone war download.


If you did the linux installer binary then it will have already done the configuration work for you. If you go to your installation directory you should see a file like jasperctl.sh... here you can type ./jasperctl.sh tomcat start


Because jasperintelligence product (the jasperserver) is a web application, it actually does not start up on it's own. In you case, it startup as part of the tomcat startup. Also, verify in you tomccat/webapps dir that you see a jasperserver.war file


You can access with the following url if it started OK http://localhost:8080/jasperserver


Lastly, look in the tomcat logs to see if you notice anything and at the jasperserver.log (I think in the tomcat/bin directory). In the docs directory, you will file the jasperintelligence-user-guide and the jasperintelligence-install-guide. There is lot's more information here.

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