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images in Struts


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hi, i have a problem with my images.


Situation: my reports are in a quite large webapplication and the .jasper-files are in the folder resources/reports/. The image i need is in another folder, resources/_images/. This has to be like this because of the guidelines, we have to use.


Problem: the reports does not find my images with relative paths, but i am not allowed to use absolute paths in this surrounding.


What can i do? any ideas? the classpath of the application should not be changed.

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You could prefix the image locations with a parameter.

Let's call this parameter BASE_FOLDER.

You could detect the absolute location of this BASE_FOLDER by interrogating the context of the web application.


Check our /demo/samples/webapp sample for more details on this.


I hope this helps.


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that was also an idea, but i first wanted to know, if there are other solutions. i will try it with the parameter.


hm, I checked that sample webapps, and it is similar to my projects. I also tried it with the context.getRealPath() method, but the returned path is not the path of the webapplication in the server (tomcat). So, when i give that path as parameter, that way also does not work.


for your understanding: the build of the project copies the war-file to the webapps-folder of the tomcat and the context.getRealPath() method gives me the path of the original file in my project-workspace.


any hints for me?

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