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I used JasperReports (and iReport) for some months, but I'm actually facing with a little problem :


I wish to generate a pdf more than once time, without re-execute data request which is very heavy and needs amount of time.

The only one difference between copies is a number in each page footer, for example "specimen 1/3", "specimen 2/3"...


Obviously I could create a report with as much identical subreports as copies needed, and a field in the page footer for display the index of each copy. However I don't enjoy this solution because the request will be executed for each subreport.


Another idea ?


For example I'm able to concatenate as many times as I need a pdf, but I don't see how to "modify" each one to put his index in the footer.

After filling the report and before exporting it, is it possible to access fields in the JasperPrint object ? It could be a solution...


Thanks a lot,


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Modifying the text in the JasperPrint object seems indeed to be the best way to do it.


You should put some text in the element at fill time which you would use then to identify the text element in the print page. Currently, there is no simpler way to identify the text element (report elements have a key property but this is not currenlty propagated to the print elements).




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