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JRJdtCompiler reporting wrong compiler class


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the getCompilerClass() method of JRJdtCompiler is return JRJavacCompiler.class.getName() instead of JRJdtCompiler.class.getName(). Am I missing something here or is a copy and paste error?


Not a big deal, but I would like to be able to log the name of the compiler class so that I can be sure that the deployed application and the local unit tests are using the same compiler class.

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JRJdtCompiler.getCompilerClass() returns JRJavacCompiler.class because we didn't want to force the dependency on the JDT jar when using compiled reports. The compiler class is saved with the compiled report and used while loading compiled reports to load evaluator classes. All the Java report compilers share the code for loading evaluator classes, so we didn't want to require the JDT jar just for loading reports.


If you want to get the actual compiler class, you should do getClass() on the compiler instance.




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