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Full query as parameter?URGENT

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By: arun - arun4v

Full query as parameter?URGENT

2002-11-11 01:53


I am trying to pass my full query as parameter but its not working.

I am getting - java.sql.SQLException: ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "'"

If same query I put in the <queryString> tag of XML file , it works fine.

Is it possible to pass full query as parmeter.

Any kind of help will be appericated.


Thanks and Regards





By: Axel Hallez - ahallez

RE: Full query as parameter?URGENT

2002-11-11 02:00

Hello Arun,


I suggest that you execute the query in your own code, then pass the resultset to a JRResultSetDataSource constructor and use this datasource object to generate the report.


Hope this helps,





By: Lecio Nunes - lnunes

RE: Full query as parameter?URGENT

2002-11-11 04:35

Hi Arun,


you can still use the SQL statement as a parameter, only put a '!' symbol near $P:


<parameter name="sql" class="java.lang.String" />



Best regards




By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Full query as parameter?URGENT

2002-11-11 13:22




This should work without problems.

Have you used the correct $P!{} syntax?

And if so, make sure you don't have the SQL

query placed between quotes or apostrophes.


Thank you,


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