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Re: Report Instance ganeration and retrieval

2006 IR Open Discussion

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By: spoorthi - spoo_anu

Re: Report Instance ganeration and retrieval

2006-07-24 23:18

Dear all,


Can any body expalin me how exactly report instances are generated, stored and retrieved from the database. I need table level explanation...








By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh

Re: Report Instance ganeration and retrieval

2006-07-26 14:54

I'm not sure exactly what your question means... however..


A report is a JasperReport (based on jrxml). A report unit is a report inside of jasperintelligence (which includes such things as datasources, images and other resources).


We have a jasperintelligence repository and this is implemented as a database (database "jasperserver"). All of the metadata around a report unit is stored in the database (ie all the resources: jrxml, datasources, images, etc).


If you want to see what goes where in the db it is best to look at the database itself with a db viewer tool and look at a database that is populated with the sample data.


Also, keep in mind that all forum activity is moving to jasperforge.org.

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