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By: Youan Zeng - yzeng2002


2002-09-23 14:58


I am using 0.4.0 version and trying to get my detail line show one or more items from total 4 descriptions if the description content is not empty :


Description 1

Description 2

Description 3

Description 4


I was using reportElement attributes positionType and isRemoveLineWhenBlank as following:


<reportElement x="0" y="38" width="150" height="12" positionType="Float" isRemoveLineWhenBlank="true" ></reportElement>


Somehow, this is not working. Any suggestions?


Thanks a lot!




By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: isRemoveLineWhenBlank

2002-10-15 14:17




I have a suggestion:


Make sure there is no other element that shares

the same vertical space with the elements you

are trying to make disappear.


I suspect you probably have some vertical lines

on the sideways or you have put a rectanlge arrond your text fields.


The isRemoveWhenBalnk only works if that

particular element is the only one present on the

given horizontal portion of the band.


Also let at least one pixel space between your text

fields. If they touch each other (top to bottom),

it will not work.


I hope this helps.


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