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Grouping Question

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By: Edward Dale - scompt

Grouping Question

2002-10-15 07:40

I have a report that's accessing a database, joining a couple tables and returning a recordset similar to this:


cheese, something, val1, virginia

cheese, something, val2, virginia

cheese, something, val3, virginia

cheese, something else, val4, new york

cheese, something else, val5, new york

milk, yet another, val6, virginia

milk, yet another, val7, virginia

milk, yet another, val8, virginia

milk, last one, val9, new york

milk, last one, val10, new york


my report needs to look like this:



something val1 virginia



something else val4 new york




yet another val6 virginia



last one val9 new york



I have a group that correctly breaks up the first field (cheese, milk). However, my attempts with the val column have been unsuccessful. Any ideas on how I might do the grouping with this?

Thanks, Ed.



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Grouping Question

2002-10-15 12:50




My suggestion is to give up trying to group your

records after the val field.

You should use the isPrintRepeatedValues attribute

that will suppres the second field if its value repeats.

It will look like you have grouped your records after the "something" field, even you have not.


I hope this helps.





By: Edward Dale - scompt

RE: Grouping Question

2002-10-15 13:00


That got it. With a little fooling around, I should be able to get it exactly like I want it. Thanks for the prompt response.



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