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Strange Subreport Behavior

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By: Mike - fallofrome

Strange Subreport Behavior

2002-10-10 15:52


I just noticed the following strange behavior with subreports.


I have currently build a master report that takes in a simple data source that iterates through a list of integers.


In the <detail> for that report, I do a <printWhenExpression> and test which integer I'm looking for (0, 1, 2... etc)


I then have it print a header like 'section details' and include a subreport.



Everything works fine when the subreport has more than ONE item in it's data source. If there is only a single item in the datasource. then it never shows up in the PDF. I've added println()'s within my JRDataSource object as well, and I do see in fact the next() method is being called properly.


Any ideas why it looks fine with 2 items, but never appears with only 1?






By: arun - arun4v

Problem In subreport (URGENT)

2002-10-11 01:03



I am generating master report which has two sub reports. When I get more data report come in multiple pages, in such case in each page I am getting both sub reports. But I want the first sub report should be displayed at the first page only, remaining pages should not show first sub report.


Any help will be appriciated.


Thanks in advance




By: JC Tchitchiama - jeanch

RE: Problem In subreport (URGENT)

2002-10-15 04:42


Try putting you subreport in group I found that it help controlloing where subreport elements get printed.


Good luck


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