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multiple bands in <detail>

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By: Raphael Bauduin - raphinou

multiple bands in <detail>

2004-07-23 07:00



My understanding is that <detail> may contain serveral bands. However, it does not seem to work with ireport.

My problems are:

- I can't add a band to <detail> with ireport

- When I manually edit the xml file, adding a band, ireport merges all bands in <detail>


Am I missing something or is this the normal behaviour for ireport. I hope someone can help me around this problem (which would be blocking for me) because I find ireport a terrific tool!


Keep the good work.







By: Rick Millar - rmillar

RE: multiple bands in <detail>

2004-07-26 08:22

I don't believe you can nest bands within bands. I'm not sure what you are trying to do in your report, but I believe you can have a single detail band in a report. However, you can define group bands in which you can define subreports. subreports in group bands will behave like another detail band and autosize depending on the number of rows returned by the subreport. One note: you it seems that if you want to avoid having subreport output overlapping each other, you should define only one subreport per group band

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