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2006 IR Open Discussion

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By: nour - compiere2005


2006-05-18 08:08


i have a problem when i excecute a process from compiere(if it contains graph ,pie3D)

and the problem is:"Element type "pie3DChart" must be declared."

somebody knows where i must change in RusReportStarter



By: Rozario Mariadassou - rozariopm2006

RE: PieChart3D

2006-07-03 22:11

Please let me know if u have found a soluntion to the above problem. I am getting the same problem. i am running iReport 1.2.3 and Compiere 2.5.3c.




By: Danilo M - zeustuk

RE: PieChart3D

2006-07-17 14:06

All of us are trying to deploy the report but with or without include the libraries can we get a solution. If some of you have the answer please share it.



By: egwada - egwada

RE: PieChart3D

2006-07-23 23:39

I think that you must verify if you have the good version of the jasperReports library. I use Compiere and in my mind it did not include the last jasperReports version !

Other point is that new Jasper version uses "commons-javaflow" library to generate java file. Check if you have this in your Compiere lib directory.


I hope that can help you...


Have a good day.

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