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Sub report Table formatting Problem

2006 IR Open Discussion

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By: ka4sri_1999 - ka4sri_1999

Sub report Table formatting Problem

2006-04-18 20:39



I need to display data read from a XML file. The data needs to displayed in a table format. For example let's say

1. I have to display 2 columns. Column A and Column B

2. Column A is a sub report

3. When I palce fields sub report and column B side by side and give borders it does not result in a proper table structure for me. Why is that?

How to construct a table if one of the columns is a sub report?


Any pointers will be very helpful.


Thanks & Regards




By: Bruno R. Lima - iceboyy

RE: Sub report Table formatting Problem

2006-04-28 08:10

if a single cell can return multiple values ( more than one row ) then you might have to do some layout excercise :) trying to fit it.

if not, then just draw a table in the main report ( borders ) and place the subreport inside the "cell" that you draw. I have several reports that have a table format and i do the second option. works perfectaly! ;)

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