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Help - Can't lock PageFooter at bottom

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By: Dennis M - dennis2681

Help - Can't lock PageFooter at bottom

2005-07-07 12:48

Is there anyway to lock the page footer to the bottom of a report?


It seems to work fine when I run single reports -- but as soon as I use the report as a sub-report the page footer jumps up the page to the end of the detail section.


Please advise.



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The page footer of a subreport is part of the detail band of the main report. That means that the page footer becomes more like a section footer when the main report gets rendered. That's why you see the output that you describe.



The solution is to either:


pass the information you are interested in back to variable(s) in the main report and use the variables to display information in a page footer in the main report




use a separate subreport in the page footer band of the main report. Typically this type of subreport would have a query that is based on the query of the subreport used in the detail band of the main report, but would return only summary information using aggregate functions (eg. sum, count, avg, etc.)

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