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Proposition about JRBaseFiller


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I have proposition about very small redesign of JRBaseFiller.

Subreports in my projects are changing before filling. So, I must preload, change and put subreports into JRBaseFiller.loadedSubreports.

I propose to move initialization of the loadedSubreport field into declaration instead of fill() method.

E.g. for ver 1.2.5:

Change line 247: protected Map loadedSubreports = new HashMap();

Exclude line 751: loadedSubreports = new HashMap();




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Thanks a lot. I omitted this ability. :(

As I understood, you propose something like follow:


<![CDATA[$P{REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP}]]> + $P{SubName}:="sub1.jasper"

Than, in SubreportCustomizer constructor, load and update subreport <$P{SubName}>.

Is it right?


But, in this case needs dynamic parameter $P{SubName}, because I have few reports which are contain more than one subreports.

Can I use $V{SubName} instead of $P{SubName}?

Is the $V-map common for report and subreports in contrast to $P-maps?




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