Parameters Prompt

If you set a parameter to be used as a prompt, when executing the report, Jaspersoft Studio asks for the value of the parameter.

To create a parameter prompt:

Create a simple report with the template Blank A4, name ParameterExample and data adapter One Empty Record - Empty Rows.

1. In this report create a parameter and rename it (from its Properties view) to MESSAGE, with type java.lang.String, and select the Is For Prompting) checkbox.
2. Drag the parameter from the outline view into the Title band. Jaspersoft Studio creates a text field to display the parameter value. You should have something like the following image.

Parameter in Title Band

To compile and preview the report:

1. Click the Preview tab.

Be sure the Input Parameter window is open. If not, click the gray right-arrow to the left of the Preview screen.

2. Add a value for the MESSAGE parameter. For this example, type Parameter Example.
3. Press the Play button. The message is printed in the title band.

Preview Tab with Parameter Value

Jaspersoft Studio provides input dialogs for parameters of type String, Date, Time, Number, and Collection.