Parameter Sets

Parameter Sets

A parameter set is a set of pre-defined parameters that you can add to your report. For example, you could create a set that contains parameters for your database address fields (Country, State, City, Zip Code, Street). Then whenever you want to use address parameters, you can add the set to the report and use the parameters, instead of adding individual parameters.

Jaspersoft Studio includes the following parameter sets:

Http Data Adapters Built In Parameters – Parameters that can be used with a data adapter that connects to a web service.
Jaspersoft Server Built In Parameters – Parameters used to retrieve user metadata from JasperReports Server. For example, these parameters let you filter the data in your report depending on user roles or organization. You must have a valid connection to a JasperReports Server instance to use these parameters. See Accessing JasperReports Server from Jaspersoft Studio for more information.

To add a parameter set to your report:

1. Right-click the Parameters node and choose Create Parameter Set.

The Parameters dialog is displayed with the list of available parameter sets.

Adding a parameter set

2. Select the parameter set you want to add to your report and click Finish.

The parameters in the set are added to your report.

Result of adding a parameter set

To create a new parameter set:

1. Select Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box (Eclipse > Preferences on Mac).
2. Select Jaspersoft Studio > Parameter Sets.

Preferences > Jaspersoft Studio > Parameter Sets

3. To create a parameter set, click Add.

The Parameter Set dialog is displayed.

Parameter Set dialog

4. To create an individual parameter inside your set, click Add in the Parameter Set dialog.

The Parameter dialog is displayed.

Configuring a parameter in a set.

5. Add and configure the parameter. The following settings are available:
     Name – Name of the parameter.
     Class – Class type of the parameter.
     Description – A string describing the parameter. This is shown as the parameter tooltip in the Input Parameters pane in preview.
     Nested Type Name
     Is for Prompting – Enable this to have Jaspersoft Studio prompt for the parameter when you preview the report. If you have this selected and are publishing the report to the server, you will need to create input controls on the server. May also be passed to an external application.
     Value – Default value for the parameter. This value is used if no value is provided for the parameter from the application that executes the report. The type of value must match the type declared in the Class field. For example, if you are creating a Country parameter, you might use the value $F{SHIPCOUNTRY} for your parameter.
6. Click OK to create the parameter and return to the Parameter Set dialog.
7. When you have created all the parameters you want, click OK to return to the Preferences dialog.
8. Click OK to return to design view and create your parameter set.

To use your parameter set in a report, select Create Parameter Set from the Parameters context menu in outline view.