Policies and Procedures

Given the complexity of a cluster design, it’s a good idea to document your design process and your final architecture. Ongoing maintenance is simpler if you have a record of decisions and document procedures for configuration.

And finally, to meet scalability requirements, you may need to monitor your cluster performance and define some metric for adding nodes. For example, you might specify one node per 100 concurrent users, or add a node when peak load reaches 90% on every node.

Sizing a cluster is usually the last phase of cluster design, before you start implementing your chosen components, creating a cluster prototype, and going into production. When all components are sized appropriately for the many requirements and use conditions, testing and rollout of your cluster will proceed more smoothly.

In conclusion, a cluster of JasperReports Server instances can help you meet the high availability and scalability requirements of your BI solution. This chapter is only meant as a guideline to help you in your design and planning phases. If you want technical assistance, Jaspersoft Professional Services can help in all phases of designing and rolling out a successful cluster.