Engine Service

The engine service includes methods related to report execution. The engineService interface includes the getReportExecutionStatusList and getSchedulerReportExecutionStatusList methods for listing running report jobs or scheduled running report jobs.

The engineService is used internally for report execution. Except for the getReportExecutionStatusList and getSchedulerReportExecutionStatusList methods, methods in the engineService service should not be accessed directly.

To retrieve the list of all currently running instances of the All Accounts report, you would use code similar to the following. The list of report jobs retrieved includes scheduled jobs as well as jobs users are running via the UI:

ReportExecutionStatusSearchCriteria criteria = new
criteria.setJobLabel("All Accounts");
List<ReportExecutionStatusInformation> reportExecutionList = 

To retrieve only currently running scheduled instances of the All Accounts report, you would use code similar to this:

SchedulerReportExecutionStatusSearchCriteria criteria = new
criteria.setJobLabel("All Accounts");
List<ReportExecutionStatusInformation> reportExecutionList = 

Once you have a list of jobs, you can cancel those jobs using the reportExecutionStatusInformation interface:

for (ReportExecutionStatusInformation reportExecution : reportExecutionList) {