Closed Issues

We fixed the following issues in version 7.9.1:

JS-59935: Following cascading Input Controls loses its values after selecting 2nd Input Control value.
JS-60187: Input Control parameter value passed via URL are not effected on drill through report that has query-based input control.
JS-60169: 7.8 cascading IC problem with more than 100 items in query.
JS-60046: Depended cascading input control does not keep its value after updating parent control's value.
JS-60806: latest hotfix of 7.8.0 breaks edit parameter tab in schedule for some reports.
JS-60758: Visualize.js: chart dashlet hyperlink doesn't work.
JS-60751: Tibco Maps Hyperlink including path of Jasper Server.
JS-60404: upgrade jackson-databind-2.10.0.jar to bypass cve-2020-25649.
JS-56819: create allowed host list for CDN
JS-60702: Derived Query Validation Not Limiting to Single Row.
JS-61215: Dashboard Export of Leaflet map garbled.
JS-61688: deselect button in multi-select for report isn't resetting values as of 7.8, 7.9.
JS-61191: Search inside a filter doesn't work in Dashboard.
JS-61631: Report export keeps loading until export is complete and no new tab preview for PDF output.
JS-61398: Drilldown reports without visible input controls are empty after upgrade to 7.9.
JS-61565: Input control filter deselect is working inappropriately in JRS 7.9.0.
JS-61588: Multi-Select Input control search operation is not working correctly when used in pop-up window.
JS-61646: JRS 7.9 Interactive report viewer web UI behavior change concern.
JS-61758: upgrade to thwart CVE in xmlgraphics-commons-2.3.jar, json-smart-2.2.1.jar, bcprov-jdk.
JS-60406: upgrade cas-client-core-3.4.1.jar to bypass veracode scan alarm.

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