Java Version Supported

For a list of supported JDK/JVMs, application servers, databases, operating systems, and browsers, see the TIBCO Jaspersoft Platform Support document on the Documentation section of the Jaspersoft Community website.

Using IBM JDK 1.7

If you are using the IBM JDK 1.7, you need to set OWASP to use the correct Pseudo-random Number Generator (PRNG). To do this before installation, you can modify the WAR file as follows:

1. The WAR file is an archive format in a single file.
a. Extract the file using the following command:
cd <js-install>
"%JAVA_HOME%/bin/jar" xf jasperserver-pro.war WEB-INF/csrf/

This creates the WEB-INF/csrf folder in the current location and places the extracted file there.

b. Rename the file from to using the following command:
mv ./WEB-INF/csrf/ ./WEB-INF/csrf/
2. After you have modified the file, replace it in the WAR file archive using the following commands.
cd <js-install>"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jar" uf jasperserver<MadCap:conditionalText data-mc-conditions="JasperConditions.Pro">-pro</MadCap:conditionalText>.war WEB-INF/csrf/