Choosing Installation Type

You can choose a full install of all components and sample data or a custom install that lets you choose the components you want and to take or leave the sample data.

Install All Option:

This option copies a Bundled version of the Apache Tomcat package and a Bundled version of the PostgreSQL database to your file system; adds all sample data (Reports, Data Sources, OLAP Views, etc) to your JasperReports Server; and creates additional sample databases. The installer looks for open Tomcat ports from 8080 up and for open PostgreSQL ports from 5432 up.

After you choose this option, you can choose the installation directory for JasperReports Server. All files and components can then be installed with no further information required.

Custom Install:

With the custom install, you have the following choices: install a Bundled Tomcat or use an Existing Tomcat, install a Bundled PostgreSQL or use an Existing PostgreSQL, choose ports for Tomcat and PostgreSQL, and choose whether or not to install sample data.