A datatype defines the format of a single-value input control, for example text or numerical. Datatypes determine what users can enter in the input fields that correspond to parameters in a report:


To create a datatype:

1. Log on as an administrator.
2. Click View > Repositoryand locate the folder for the datatype.
3. Right click the folder's name's name and select Add Resource > Datatype from the context menu. The Add Datatype page appears.

Add Datatype Page

4. Enter a name and optional description for the datatype. The resource ID is filled in automatically.
5. Select the datatype and provide related information. Your options are:
     Text – You can specify a regular expression in the Pattern field. The expression is used to validate the text the user submits. For instance, you could enter an expression that tests for email addresses.
     Number – With numerical datatypes, you can control the range of acceptable values by specifying minimum and maximum values and whether the specified values are themselves acceptable (Minimum is Strict and Maximum is Strict check boxes). If you select a Strict check box, the specified value is not acceptable.

For instance, for a percent field, you might specify a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100. If you do not want to accept 0 percent, you would check Minimum is Strict. If you want to accept 100 percent, you would clear Maximum is Strict.

     Date and DateTime – Click the calendar icon to the right of the Minimum and Maximum date or date time fields to choose their values.
6. Click Save. The datatype resource appears in the repository.