A theme is the set of all CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and associated images that define the appearance of the user interface. Themes are stored in the Themes folder in the repository, with special menus on theme folders for activating, uploading, and downloading a theme. You can store any number of themes in the repository and switch among them, to change the UI's appearance.

For multi-organization deployments, administrators can set the theme individually for each organization, or rely on theme inheritance to use the same theme everywhere without needing to set it explicitly. Theme inheritance supports a mix of explicit and inherited settings, so that you can override any setting or image in a local organization, but inherit the rest of the theme from the parent or system-wide theme.

The set of files in the default theme was updated in 6.1. Custom themes developed before 6.1 may require upgrading to work with the new set of files. For more information see the upgrade procedures in the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Introduction to Themes
How Themes Work
Administering Themes
Creating Themes
Working With CSS Files