The v2/attributes Service

Attributes, also called profile attributes, are name-value pairs associated with a user. Certain advanced features such as Domain security and OLAP access grants use profile attributes in addition to roles to grant certain permissions. Unlike roles, attributes are not pre-defined, and thus any attribute name can be assigned any value at any time.

The rest_v2/attributes service replaces the rest/attribute service. It provides methods for reading, writing, and deleting attributes on any given user account. All attribute operations apply to a single specific user; there are no operations for reading or searching attributes from multiple users.

Because the user ID and organization ID are used in the URL, this service can operate only on users and organizations whose ID is less than 100 characters long and does not contain spaces or special symbols. In addition, both attribute names and attribute values being written with this service are limited to 255 characters and may not be empty (null) or contain only whitespace characters.