Report Output

The files produced are attached to the response. Specify the final format of the report by setting the request RUN_OUTPUT_FORMAT argument. Its possible values are: PDF, JRPRINT, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV and RTF. The default is PDF.

If the final format is set to JRPRINT, the data attached to the response contains a serialized instance of a JasperPrint object. This is the best format to use for clients in Java environments, because it provides the Java client with access to all of JasperReports’ export options, and only relies on the server to fill the report.

The following Java code shows how to access the serialized object and get the JasperPrint object:

FileContent content = null;
if (attachments != null && !attachments.isEmpty()) {
content = (FileContent)(attachments.values().toArray()[0]);
if (content == null) {
throw new Exception("No JasperPrint");
InputStream is = new ByteArrayInputStream(content.getData());
JasperPrint print = (JasperPrint) JRLoader.loadObject(is);

If the specified output format is HTML, the URI for images can be set using the RUN_OUTPUT_IMAGES_URI argument: the default value is images/. If images are found, they are attached to the response.

If only a single page should be printed, use the RUN_OUTPUT_PAGE argument, which must contain the index of page to fill.