Solving Jaspersoft Studio plug-in issues with the latest Eclipse flavors


If you tried to install Jaspersoft Studio inside one of the more recent Eclipse flavours (i.e. IDE for Java Developers), starting from 2020-12 (4.18), you might be experiencing problems using  the JasperReports Server plug-in.

For example while testing the JRS connection you might see the following error:

See the attached exception log for more details.

The source of problems is the presence of different bundles related to packages javax.xml.bind.* / com.sun.xml.bind.*.


In Jaspersoft Studio when we create the target platform for the product we start from the Eclipse SDK version adding the needed bundles to make everything work fine. Therefore, after the transition to Java 11 support, we are shipping among the others, the two mandatory bundles jaxb-api (javax.xml.bind.jaxb-api) and com.sun.xml.bind.jaxb-osgi

Apparently starting from the version 4.18, Eclipse in the different pre-packaged flavors (not the SDK one) is shipping these files:

  • com.sun.xml.bind_2.3.3.v20201118-1818.jar
  • javax.xml.bind_2.2.0.v201105210648.jar
  • com.sun.xml.bind_2.2.0.v20201118-1845.jar
  • jakarta.xml.bind_2.3.3.v20201118-1818.jar

The quick and dirty solution is then two rename those bundles above, changing their extension to something different from .jar.

These will lead to use the Jaspersoft Studio shipped bundles below:

  • com.sun.xml.bind.jaxb-osgi_2.4.0.b180830_0438.jar
  • jaxb-api_2.4.0.b1808300359.jar

This way you should be able to have the JRS plugin working again. 

Additional note: if this operation creates issues with other plugins you have already added to your Eclipse installation, the advice is to rely on the Jaspersoft Studio stand-alone version for your report creations and executions.