Import projects and settings from a previous version of TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio

This article will illustrate the way you can import existing projects and various settings from an existing TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio workpace that you may have used in a previous installation of the product.

Import Projects

Once you have started working on a new blank workspace (i.e. "Switch Workspace" operation was performed) you might want to import all or some of the projects you previously had in the old workspace. Performing this operation is quite straightforward and you simply need to open the dedicated wizard through the menu "File > Import ... ". You should choose the item "Existing Projects into Workspace" from the category "General". 

You should browse and find the workspace you want to import the projects from. Once done, it is advisable to check the option "Copy projects into workspace" so you will be able to work on the projects being sure to not modify the original ones.
Please note that you could see the common "MyReports" project not checkable. As you know it is the default project created when a new workspace is created and where usually people create their reports. So if you want to import also the MyReports project be sure, prior to launching the wizard, to delete the empty one you already have in your brand new workspace.

Just hit the "Finish" button to complete the import operation. And you are set up with your old reports.

Import Server Connections, Data Adapters and settings

Similarly you can choose to import the existing Server Connections, Data Adapters and preference settings you had in the old workspace. In order to do so, you need again to go through the dedicated wizards that you will find once selected the menu "File > Import ...".

For JasperReports Server Connections you need to choose the item "External JasperReports Server Connections" under the category "Jaspersoft Studio". The first thing to do is again select the workspace location maintaining the information.

In the following wizard page you can choose which connections you are interested in. 

Let's move now to the Data Adapters and Preference Settings. This information can be imported using the dedicated wizard. Again select "File > Import ..." and choose the item "External Properties and Data Adapters", still category "Jaspersoft Studio". Once the workspace of interest has been selected choose which data adapters and properties you are interested in.

Again once hit the "Finish" button you will be able to see the new details imported in your current workspace.

As you saw in this short tutorial, it's quick and easy to import part or all the previous data into a newly-created workspace.