Getting Started with Jaspersoft Studio


In this tutorial we will see what are the requirements to use Jaspersoft Studio, how to install it from the binary and some compilation informations for the advanced users.

Requirements to Run Jaspersoft Studio

Jaspersoft Studio needs a 64bit or 32bit processor and at least 500MB of Hard Disk space. The amount of the RAM is really dependent from the complexity of the reports, a value of 1GB dedicated to Jaspersoft Studio is recommended, since in your system there are many other things that require RAM it's suggested a total value of 2GB.

Software Requirements and Installation

As any other Java project Jaspersoft Studio require the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), but to compile the report scriptlets a full distribution of Java is required. You need to download the Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.6 or newer from THIS. After clicking the link you will see a page like this:

You must accept the license agreement to proceed with the download and then click on the correct link for your Operating System. The systems outside the green rectangles are not supported by Jaspersoft Studio. At the moment Jaspersoft Studio support the most common Operating systems, such as:

  • Windows XP/7/8 with 32 or 64 bit;
  • Linux with 32 or 64 bit;
  • MacOS X at 64 bit.

The download of  Jaspersoft Studio starts from HERE, a page with listed all the release of Jaspersoft Studio will appear, click the one on the top of the list (the last version) and a grid with many links will be shown. Here select:

  • jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_i386.deb for the 32bit version for linux;
  • jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_amd64.deb for the 64bit version for linux ;
  • jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_windows-installer-x86_64.exe for the 64bit version of windows;
  • jaspersoftstudio_x.x.x_windows-installer-x86.exe for the 32bit version of windows;
  • jaspersoftstudio-x.x.x-mac-x86_64.dmg for the 64bit version of MacOS X.

x.x.x represents the version number of Jaspersoft Studio. If your distribution of linux dosen't support the deb format there are also the tar versions. Note that first you must download and install the JDK and then download and install Jaspersoft Studio.


Be sure to download and install the correct version of Java and Jaspersoft Studio for your Operating system. If you have any doubt on the architecture (number of bits) of your Operating System read the subsection below. In most of cases the installation 
requires only the download of the correct file and then double-clicking on in, this will show the installation wizard and here you can follow the on screen instructions.

Check the architecture of the Operating System

If you are unsure on "how many" are the bits of your system follow this steps:

  • Windows

Go in the Control Panel, then click on System & Security and then on System, you will see a window like this:

In this picture you can see that the version of the Operating System is 32 bit.

  • Linux

Open the terminal and type uname -a , then you will see a response like this:

x86_64 means a 64bit Operating System, a 32bit should be listed as i386 or i686.

  • MacOS X

Open the terminal, if you don't know how to do it open the Launchpad,  type "Terminal" in the search bar and select the first result. Once the terminal is opend type uname -a , and press enter. A message like this will appear: 

x86_64 means a 64bit Operating System. At this time the 64 bit version it is the only provided for MacOS.

Note that on a 64bit Operating system you can install the 32bit version of Java and Jaspersoft studio (although in this case the 64bit is suggested), but you can't do the opposite. It's very important to install the same version of Java and Jaspersoft Studio. For example a Java environment with 32bit will not work with the 64bit version of Jaspersoft Studio, you must use a 32bit version of Java with a 32bit version of Jaspersoft Studio or a 64bit version of Java with a 64bit version of Jaspersot Studio.

Accessing the Source Code

The last version of the source code is available from THIS page by clicking "Browse Source Code", in this way you will access directly the SVN repository (read only mode) where the most up-to-date version is available. You can download and compile this source code, but since it is a work in progress it can contains new still unreleased features and bugs. All the information necessary to download the Source Code, configure a develop environment on the Eclipse IDE and compile\run the source code are described in the tutorial Contributing to Jaspersoft Studio and building from sources.

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This page does not describe the exact process and recommendations for the installation of this software. I guess that most of the people interested in the use of Jaspersoft are BI developers and,or, users who are not familiar with OS procedures and tools used for the installation of any software. Hence, what is written on this page is of very little utility.