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What is Jaspersoft OLAP?

Jaspersoft OLAP builds on JasperReports Server to provide analytics to Business Intelligence professionals. Jaspersoft OLAP helps you:

  • Quickly and easily access your OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) data through an intuitive web interface.
  • Explore data by drilling, pivoting, filtering, visualizing, and defining alerts based on data values.
  • Make well informed business decisions by identifying trends, anomalies, and correlations in your data.
  • Gain faster access to your relational datasources by using an in-memory aggregate cache and aggregate tables

To use Jaspersoft OLAP, you must supply analysis schemas in XML format, corresponding to data sources (such as JDBC or JNDI), and MDX queries. The built-in Jaspersoft OLAP user interface assembles the schemas, data source, and MDX queries into interactive analysis views.


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Using Jaspersoft OLAP

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