Subreport not generating

I created couple of reports using Webservice datasource, Reports are rendering fine in Jasper Studio Preview and if they are deployed as a single report on jasperserver. However, if try to consume the same report as a sub-report it doesnot render. I have followed following steps:-

1. created a report with proper webservice query (same that is present in subreport).

2. I created a subreport element with appropriate Filter expression

3. Set Connection Type as "Use a Datasource Expression" and Data Source Expression as "(($P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE}).clone()"

4. Entered these subreport parameters   (uriKeyauth,TypeKey,authParametersKey,languageKey,verbKey)

Problem:- The report if used as main report renders correctly but if it is consumed as subreport only labels appear Field Values don't appear


Kindly assist

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Probably the datasource is being consumed entirely before generating the subreport, what type of datasource are you using?

javier.ggi90 - 7 years 2 months ago

It is a webservice (Get request)

sarwoski - 7 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

Not sure if you linked the subreport parameters. 
You might need to pass over the parameter from the main report to the sub reports.

Basicly right click on subreport then select show properties.
Under subreport tab select parameters. 
From there link parameters. 

Aslo to test. Create fields equal the your given parameters and then drag the parameters onto your reports, to test and see if parameters value is correct.

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