Auto resize excel column width to specific cell


I'm currently developing a excel report with certain report elements.

My problem is, that I'll try to export the report into EXCEL-Format and the column are not displayed correctly.

In the header, there are some text fields to display the report description and more informations. After those textfields, I need to display a crosstab. The column of the text fields and one column of the crosstab are the same.

The column is automatically stretched to the size of the text field, which I try to prevent. I wanted to adjust the column width to a specific crosstab cell, instead of the text field width. The data of the textfield should overlap to the next cell. But there should not be a cell merge.

I set the following properties for the textfield:

<property name="" value="false"/>
<property name="" value="false"/>

And the following properties to the crosstab cell:

<property name="" value="true"/>
<property name="" value="true"/>

I there any way to auto adjust a cell size to a specific field or crosstab cell?

I’m thankful for every little tip :)



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