Setting permissions for folders created by externalUserFolderProcessor (LDAP auth)

I have my server integrated with LDAP, and authentication is working perfectly.

Users' home directories are being created under a directory named /Users. This is currently the result of this bean config:

    <bean id="externalUserFolderProcessor"
        <property name="repositoryService" ref="${bean.unsecureRepositoryService}"/>
        <property name="userFoldersParentDirectory" value="/Users"/>
My issue is with permissions applied to the newly-created folders. By default, the user role's read-only permisison is being inherited. I would like for the new user to have Administer access over the folder (and ideally revoke read-only access for the role).
I would like to know if there is an additional property that will let me achieve this. Documentation of externalUserFolderProcessor seems to be scarce. Any advice?
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